Selected stories by Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov was a Russian writer popular for his works that depict the country side landscape of Russia, dotted with trees and hills and mirror the minute details in real life, human psychology, human tendencies and emotions. This vivid book is a collection of short stories that fabricate common, everyday topics such as a lottery ticket, a bet, an album and many others in a way that the reader is engrossed in the book. Human psychology is portrayed very well in the stories- ‘ Excellent people’, ‘Bet’, ‘The lady with the lapdog’, ‘Love’ etc. This volume contains the illustrations of blunt truth which the readers are aware of but are still compelled to get fascinated at the turning out of events. The reader is left with many imaginations as the stories do not conclude but leave a wide scope of conclusions. I loved the book though the language is the classic literary style which often bores today’s generation. The arrangement of stories is done in a way that they  have a certain flow- one making way for the next. It is a book which will surely give its readers some quality time.


Dollar Bahu

Up with another Sudha Murty book! Not as impressive as Mahashwetha  but still carries a very strong social message. The flow of language is remarkable and you’ll be bound to finish it in one go as you start reading it.
The story revolves around a family with Gouramma as the mother in law of Vinuta a simple Indian girl, and of-course the ‘Dollar Bahu’ who is Chandru’s wife. Gouramma brings in constant comparisons between the two ignoring and overlooking the ‘Dollar Bahu’s’ true nature( which is very bad). Vinuta’s simplicity and submissive nature is forgotten by her and the influence of the dollar descends upon her. Gouramma visits her NRI son and daughter in law in Nashville. There she comes across a spectrum of people’s lives and their troubles. America no longer intrigue her but she longs for the Indian life. As time passes the true shades of the ‘Dollar Bahu’ are revealed and living with her becomes a bane for Gouramma. Gouramma now repents and recollects the goodness of Vinuta whom she had hurted and insulted so much.
Gouramma returns to India but a surprise awaits her. Will Vinuta accept her mother in law? Will Gouramma’s behaviour change towards her?
The subtle ties of different human relations is highlighted along with the increasing money mindedness and materialistic nature of people.
The Dollar has no value when compared to love and respect. The last sentence of the book leaves a deep impact on the readers.

Jungle Book

Jungle Book- the first name that strikes my head is the wolf kid- Mowngli. Set in the Indian jungles and the Indian village scenario the first few stories in this book by Rudyard Kipling revolve around Mowngli’s world. Baloo the bear, Bagheera the black panther, Akela the wolf and Sherkhan the cruel tiger also play lead roles enhancing the book’s impact (these names are the Hindi names of the animals). Next comes a seal’s tale and his fight for providing his fellow seals with a home that is pest-free (human free)! ‘Rikki-Tikki-Tavi’ is a feel good story about a young pet mongoose and his bravery. ‘Her majesty’s servants’ is the only story in the book which I did not like and which bored me. It included the boring conversations of animals in an Indian cantonment area. Each and every story is accompanied by one or more lovely poems which the reader wouldn’t enjoy without the context of the story whom it follows. ‘Toomai of the elephants’  is a tale that allows you to peer into the world of Indian elephants and their secret dance. Altogether the book provided an enjoyable experience.

Letters from a father to his daughter

A book of history packed into a set of letters, written in the easiest possible way and conveying a lot through just a few words. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru is the author of  these letters which not only carry history and data but also many moral values and view points written in connection with the content. These letters were originally written in order to make little Indu (Indira Gandhi at the age of ten) understand the nature’s book, develop  love towards nature, know the history of mankind and the logics behind vast subjects like religion. Thus the language is extremely simple . The book I read had lovely illustrations too! I enjoyed the book. Even though there was no story indeed, the author managed to draw one from the depths of past itself. The letters end abruptly and I badly wish that they would go on for a little longer. As soon as I read the first chapter’s( rather letter’s name) I was glued to the book. Read this book as it will not only enhance your knowledge but will also heighten your mindset.

Man eaters of Kumaon

Man eating tigers and leopards entertain us throughout the time span of reading this book. Jim Corbett’s unique British style of writing accompanied by the heart thumping stories of man eaters from the Kumaon region of India fill your mind with hallucinations of tigers. The 10 wonderful stories narrated by one of the most renowned hunters of the world, Jim Corbett leave you wondering about the scenes set in the slopes of the Himalayas.The tales are gripping as they force you to continue reading until the chapter halts. Along with the stories the narrator also informs the readers about the different tactics used while stalking a tiger or leopard. I would like to comment that hunting down a blood thirsty man-eater under such circumstances where the tiger itself poses a threat by stalking you needs great courage. I would say that Jim Corbett’s luck and skill helped him from becoming a hearty meal.
Read this book to experience a classic and vivid style of writing.

From the earth to the moon and Around the moon

Perhaps this was the thickest book I ever read. It combined two novels written by Jules Verne: ‘From the earth to the moon’ and ‘Around the moon’.
What was striking about this set was the very idea on which the story is built up. It is astounding for a person to have imagined of the very idea of human travelling into space a century before it was actually made possible. Though some of the descriptions and facts were vague, the author managed to cover them up with his grip on classic language and talent to draw away the reader’s focus from the weak spots. If I were to recommend you, I would say, go for the abridged version, it’ll prove to be a little less boring and prolonged. Though I love the story, the second novel managed to bore me so well that I almost quit reading it for a while. Never mind, the first novel had some fine writing involved. Also, the pages accompany black and white illustrations which will let your imagination run wild. The characters were some of the characters whose characteristics have sunk deep in my mind. I just adore president Barbicane’s personality, Michael Arden seems to be a little too whimsical, however, Nicholl manages to impress the readers quite well though initially he appears to be the villain. Could you imagine a manned projectile bombarded from a monstrous columbiad actually reach the moon? Well, will the residents of the projectile really survive? Will they be in a condition to share heir respective experiences in space? Find out more ( read the book). Well, a gentle warning for the book worms who’d like to taste the unabridged version— the book I read was 424 paged!

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

I think I couldn’t help myself from sharing this video on this blog. It is sure to persuade most of you out there to read the book.
Now, let me share my experience. As I have already written in my last post that I have already become an Agatha Christie fan. A fact is that, just a day after I finished “The secret Adversary” I started this book. I was in the ‘Secret Adversary mood’ (this refers to the story and atmosphere in a book which persists while reading and even after reading) when I started “The Mysterious Affair at Styles” which resulted in me not able to appreciate the first few pages. However the truth is that, the book was so interesting and transfixing that soon I entered the ‘Mysterious Affair at Styles mood’! Sounds silly right? Fine, lets not be whimsical anymore! Since the video has introduced all of you with most of the characters of the book and the plot of the story to some extent, I’ll skip that part.
The chapters advance in the most fascinating way I would say. Suppressing your curiosity would be almost impossible. While you ponder over the suspects the narrator is suspicious of, it’ll turn out to be the most surprising and unexpected conclusion that detective Poirot will draw. The way the book is written , I would not have believed it to be a made up story if I had read it in a newspaper article or something similar. This time my challenge is- ‘Suppress your curiosity and try to finish the book in a time span of 15-20 days, finishing just a little portion (say a chapter) in one read.’ Let me be frank- I completed the book in one and a half days.
You will find the e-book version for free here-

Download the book with images as there are some images which will make the story more lively and realistic.
Go ahead read it and don’t forget the challenge.